25 February 2010

Finally Our Snow Turn

Seems like every other state got a big snow this year. For some reason upstate New York was a little behind. Until now.

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14 December 2009

In the Bleak Pre-Winter

There has been a month-long photoblogging hiatus, partially due to me traveling recently to Boston, Chicago and Orlando for photo exhibit and presentations to high schools and universities. But also because of some internet connection issues which have hopefully been resolved. Of course having a newborn at home to distract from online communications may be a factor?

It is not officially winter yet, but the snow has come regardless. And a little rose in our garden keeps pressing on:


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23 December 2008

Winter Wonderland - ice style

Two weekends ago, here in upstate New York, we had a major ice storm that left over a million people with out power. The trees were so heavily weighted down with ice, that they fell within hours, taking out power lines, cars, roadways, and everything else in the path. This photo shows the massive amount of ice, as well as the trees along the bottom bending in an arc.

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