19 October 2009

Finding God in Prison

I had another contribution to Divinity, the magazine out of the Duke Divinity School in Durham, North Carolina. Designer Regina Barnhill-Bordo did a great job with the layout. The photo is of old barbed wire at a concentration camp I photographed in Germany back in 2000. You can read their article here.

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10 October 2009

Lori and Nate Wedding - continued

09 October 2009

Lori and Nate Wedding

The apples at Quonquont Farm were just too tempting at Lori and Nate's wedding in Whately, Massachusetts, so I found myself shooting from inside the trees more than I thought I would. But I did come out on occasion... for the fresh cider at the reception. A few photos from the beautiful autumn day...

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05 October 2009

Port-o-Love at Quonquont Apple Farm

The wedding season for me is almost over - just editing my last wedding shoot now and wanted to post this jewel of a photo. More photos from Lori and Nate at Quonquont apple farm coming soon.

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